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At Nossa Fragrances, it is our passion to create the world’s best fragrances.  Before we started creating our magnificent scents, we realized there was a common perception that the most extravagant of fragrances were reserved for the wealthy, exclusively.  We decided to change this perception, by completely changing the way people purchase perfume and cologne.  It is our ambition to be able to provide fragrances of the utmost highest quality to everyone and anyone world-wide.

Our concept of providing exclusive scents at unbelievable prices raises the question, how do we do it?

Nossa Fragrances began when three chemistry lab technicians put their minds together and discovered they could create world class perfumes and colognes at a fraction of the cost.  This holds true because Nossa has the most prized asset in the industry, the chemists. 

Our highly skilled chemists are further able to utilize their skills in our state of the art laboratory, where any scent creation you can dream of will turn into reality.  With this combination, we are able to create or replicate any scent that you desire on a manufacturing level.  Our process takes this concept to the next level by also allowing our prized customers the benefit of purchasing any quantity of fragrance they desire, no matter how big or small.  This is achieved by having our bottling and distributing center attached to the lab. 

At Nossa fragrances, we are able to ship our product world-wide, which greatly extends the realm of people we are able to reach.  For further details on the ordering process, please visit our fragrance design page.