The Networker: Justin Lewis
Justin began attending networking events as a young adult, connecting with experts of all industries across the Chicago area. Since then, Justin has been named as one of the big wigs--facilitating connections with a simple click of a button.


The Tweeter: Tyler Farrell
From his early childhood and with great influence from one-liner comedian Mitch Hedberg, Tyler had always wanted to become a stand-up comedian. Let’s just say with years of practice, Tyler relays quick responses—always knowing what to say and when to say it.


The Pinner: Onteera Sirinam
With experience around the world, Onteera knows when she finds something unique and special. Her experience makes her an expert of creative design and matchless ideas.


The Analyst: Nick Yerkes aka Eagle Eye
With years of experience in the financial world, Nick has the sharp eye and is quite a good judge of character. Nick always knows what to look for in a company—and will utilize this information in highly promotable blogs and reviews.


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