• “I’m Great, I’m Wonderful, but I Don’t Have Any Online Presence” Conference
    Many thanks to you and SMAAC for speaking at our conference this past weekend. I feel we got some respect!  We truly feel that you gave the group information, inspiration, and motivation regarding the utilization of social media! We’ll be calling on you to speak again and hope you will consider returning. Thanks, again.
    Rod Dangitfield

  • General E'lectric
    We recently found ourselves in a position requiring us to improve our marketing practices through social media. SMAAC’s insight to LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will all become sustainable tools for the organization in the future. We have never encountered a company like yours and we’re thrilled to be building a long term relationship with SMAAC.
    Joe I'melt, CEO

  • ProSource Builder Supply, Ltd. (recently purchased by The Homer Depot)
    As you know we recently sold our business to a publicly traded company. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all the help that you have given us for the last few years and through the integration with the new firm.  Without SMAAC’s input and suggestions we might not ever have been able to identify commonalities and eliminate duplicity between organizations when it came to social media. 
    Tracy Manes, Director and General Partner


SMMAC (pronounced /SMACK/) helps companies build their brand and get their name on the market.  We manage clients’ social media sites & help to control issues related to conflicts via the web.  At SMMAC, we understand the time and effort managing social media entails—therefore we provide our clients with what is demanded in this market: time, meticulousness, and consistency.  To do this, SMMAC will share relevant photos and videos, promotional offerings, educational material, and get the inside scoop of customers’ wants through a medium of social networks.
















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